Best Healthy Japanese Food You Can Try

Not only sushi is delicious food, sushi also has great benefits for being a healthy Japanese food. It is mostly made of rice and fish. Many consider sushi being one of the healthiest Japanese foods in all around the world. The average life expectancy for both men and women are very high in Japan. As more and more people choose sushi as their top healthy Japanese food. Sushi is also expanding in many states around the US and other places in Europe.

Fish and Seafood

Sushi is very low in calories. Some white fish such as red snapper and bass contain lower than 100 calories per every 3 ½ oz. Fish such as eel, mackerel and fattier slices of tuna have 200 calories less per 3 ½ oz. Mackerel is a common oily fish, herring and sardine are high in fatty acids (omega-3) Which also prevents heart disease, arthritis and stroke.


Studies have shown that most of the world’s population live on rice. Rice itself has an excellent source of protein and carbohydrates, it's also gluten-free. It is very suitable for those who are allergic to wheat.


Ginger, rice vinegar are a very natural antiseptic. It helps to boost the immune system as it also cures digestion and helps the body to fight against flu or colds.


Most rice vinegar is mainly used to protect food for future use. It also has antibacterial properties that cure digestion as well. It also lowers the risk of very high blood pressure. Works well as a skin conditioner.

Soy Sauce

This sauce is made of soybeans, which also have high levels of protein, iron, potassium, and magnesium. There are several soy products that have a chemical compound known to treat problems involving menopause. Another alternative for wheat allergies is Tamari.


Seaweed is a very unusual food that has high nutrients. The proteins it has are minerals, iodine vitamins and niacin. These helps to prevent cholesterol from building up in your blood vessels.


The wasabi sauce has vitamin C, which stimulates production of aids digestion and saliva. Wasabi Antibacterial properties that are powerful and are mildly antiseptic.

Once you get an idea of the healthy benefits each Japanese food, you will be able to know what proteins your meals contain and will give you a better understanding of each food before ordering at your favorite local Japanese sushi restaurant. I hope this article has helped everyone to get an idea of the types of healthy proteins each food contains.

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